Thomas Davis IVMeditation Teacher

    Thomas Davis IV is a Mindfulness and Life Teacher that has devoted over 25 years of study, practice and service within progressive spiritual communities including: Buddhist, Christian and essential community-based institutions in Northern and Southern California. As a result, there is a natural fluidity that Thomas possesses to find commonality and connection across the spectrum of Diverse People’s that makes up our present-day Society.

    Avant-Dharma is a creation of Thomas, that fulfills an expression of service which naturally emerged from over a decade of intrigue, and fascination of the obscure, cryptic and auspicious, creative processes of Avant-Garde Jazz Artists. Many of these Jazz Artists expressions continue to have a profound impact on the world, years after their transition from this Earthly Plane. By committing to a dedicated study of these Artists’ lives, challenges, attitudes towards their own practices and aspirations, Thomas began to simultaneously discover and apply similar qualities to his own Mindfulness practice. Thomas offers Avant-Dharma as an authentic expression of his own heart and vision, coupled with the intention to offer novel and inventive ways that could help people connect with their True Nature.

    Thomas understands the unique challenges of finding, trusting and expressing one’s Authentic Voice, Imagination and Ideas and that it can be daunting, elusive and obscure for many people. Avant-Dharma is intended to support people through many aspects of these living processes so that we may show up equipped and prepared to offer our Best to our Communities.

    Thomas Davis IV is a native of Oakland, California. He currently resides in Los Angeles and is a Teacher with the InsightLA Meditation Center, InsightinSchools and Guiding Teacher of the InsightLA POC Sangha. Thomas has also served non-profit organizations and entertainment industry clients with his teachings.




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