Retreat and Reimagine (R+R), 2020

Empowering Black folx to create space for REST and REIMAGINE our collective future. Learn more

Power in our purpose, revolution in our rest.


Womxn Gather Retreat, 2020

Big Bear Retreat Center IBME retreat

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) Retreat for teens and youth, 2019

iBme’s programs guide participants in developing self-awareness, compassion, and ethical decision making, and empowers them to apply these skills in improving their lives and communities. Learn more.

Big Bear Retreat Center trans retreat

Creating Joy in Community – the first residential retreat for transgender people, 2019

Read the article in Lions Roar to learn more

Being in an intentionally mindful space led by and for trans*/GNC/NB folx is sacred and healing. It allowed me to immediately let my guard down to connect with others in our challenges and joys.


Spanish Speaking Retreat, 2020

A meditation retreat for the Spanish speakers.

This was a healing experience.

Organization and Team Retreats

  • Our stay at BBRC was exactly what we needed as an organization: restorative, productive, and fun! As a result of our stay with you we feel more aligned and bonded as a team. The center itself was beautiful and functional. The cabins were nicely equipped and all of us felt very comfortable and at home. The BBRC team could not have been more gracious. Thank you for creating a space for us that has strengthened our relationships and catalyzed a fresh energy with which we are approaching our work. I can't tell you how much your support means to us. (2022)


    Frances, Operations Manager
    Frances, Operations Manager Healing Dialogue and Action
  • Big Bear Retreat Center is a centering, calm, and majestic place to stay. As a team who hadn't met one another in person due to COVID, this one of a kind property and lack of distractions gave space for us to bond as a team and understand one another wholly. The team, food, accommodations, and cabins were perfect and we encourage any person or team to experience this beautiful space! (2022)  


    Josh, Director of Operations
    Josh, Director of Operations Swipe Out Hunger
  • The retreat enabled us to look ahead 25 years and do some deep work on our values as well as rest and enjoy the beauty of the place. BBRC’s staff are so responsive and generous and really helped us have a very special time. (2021)


    Sabra Williams, Executive Director & Co-Founder
    Sabra Williams, Executive Director & Co-Founder Creative Acts

InsightLA Meditation Retreats

  • This was an absolutely wonderful retreat experience.  The environment at Big Bear Retreat Center is relaxing and beautiful, with hiking trails and serene natural views everywhere.  The vegetarian meals were outstanding…each dish seemed prepared with care and love, and full of flavor.  The staff was professional yet warm and approachable. I will go back again and again!

    Anne Calm Abiding Insight Meditation Retreat with Beth Sternlieb and Eric McCullum (InsightLA), May 2022
  • The natural beauty of Big Bear Retreat Center offers the perfect space to feel interconnected to all life and to open to the beautiful teachings we experienced this week.  The cabins, meditation hall, food, and  staff all supported our opportunity to become still and stable, to open our hearts to all of life.  Thank you for this beautiful experience.  I'll be back. 

    Cheryl Calm Abiding Insight Meditation Retreat with Beth Sternlieb and Eric McCullum (InsightLA), May 2022
  • BBRC and InsightLA put on the most incredible silent retreat. I am encouraging all my interested friends to sign up- it is life-changing.

    Retreat Guest Spring Renewal Insight Meditation Retreat with Christiane Wolf and Celeste Young (InsightLA), April 2022
  • BBRC and its staff make the retreat experience seamless and magical at every turn. The chefs prepare meals that are the embodiment of love and nourishment for this practice. The teachers are supportive and generous with their time, and find the balance between stimulating and calming the mind with the dharma.

    Retreat Guest Calm Abiding Insight Meditation Retreat with Beth Sternlieb and Eric McCullum (InsightLA), May 2022
  • I found refuge sitting on the mountain.

    Retreat Guest Four Foundations of Mindfulness Insight Meditation Retreat with Christiane Wolf and Greg Serpa (InsightLA), May 2022
  • I highly recommend the Big Bear Retreat location due to its beauty, comfort, facilities and ability to go on walks in the forest. Everything was well organized and thoughtful.

    Retreat Guest
  • The meals at BBRC were top of the line. The food was comparable to restaurant-quality dining. The fact that it was vegetarian and vegan was unbelievable. One of the best parts of the center.

    Retreat Guest
  • The meals were INCREDIBLE. Hands down the highlight of the whole experience. Honestly, I was blown away by the quality of the food, both taste and health wise.

    Retreat Guest
  • Big Bear Retreat Center has quickly become of my favorite places to teach and retreat. The extraordinary mountains and unspoiled landscape create the perfect container for meditating in a natural environment away from the busyness of urban areas. The staff is professional, attentive and compassionate. The food is delicious and nutritious. I love sitting in the spacious, peaceful meditation hall, hiking the trails and looking out at the long-range views. I recommend Big Bear to everyone who appreciates retreating in nature with a kind, compassionate staff and community.

    Lisa Ernst
    Lisa Ernst Teacher, InsightLA

General Testimonials about Retreats at BBRC

  • Big Bear Retreat Center is the perfect place to go for when you need a break from the city to rest and recharge. Being surrounded by parent nature, away from all the hustle and bustle of LA, provides you with a sense of peace, serenity, and tranquility. The air was so fresh, the trees smelled divine, and the stars shined so bright at night. I highly recommend staying at BBRC! The staff is also so kind and welcoming. I had a wonderful experience and hope to be back again soon. 

    Retreat Guest Writing Retreat 2021
  • The love and generosity that have been poured into the facility, as well as, the staff, and beautiful nature surrounding it, converge to create an oasis for the soul…

    Retreat Guest 2021
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