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The Resident Maintenance & Facilities Manager is responsible for proactively ensuring that the Big Bear Retreat Center is a welcoming, safe, secure, and impeccably maintained property (both inside and outside). The Resident Maintenance & Facilities Manager takes responsibility for identifying, prioritizing, coordinating and executing all preventative maintenance, maintenance, capital improvement, and construction projects; works independently with minimal supervision; communicates closely and efficiently with management; and ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget. The successful candidate has a meticulous eye for detail—and is very handy but also knows when outside help is needed—can solicit multiple bids, develop and manage budgets and schedules, and develop and maintain multiple vendor relationships. He/She/They will be responsible for the facilities; will coordinate and manage vendors, contractors, and volunteers; will manage retreat preparation and clean-up; and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Experience with residential silent meditation retreats / retreat centers is a plus.

Responsibilities & Duties
• Takes initiative / proactively identifies and prevents problems—solves and/or proposes solutions;
• Works independently while communicating closely and efficiently with management;
• Ensures that the company’s specifications and requirements are met—pitches in when and where needed;
• Takes responsibility for—and pride in—inspecting, maintaining and/or repairing grounds, building exteriors, interiors, and systems, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to ensure optimal results;
• Formulates and manages schedules and budgets for projects;
• Promptly and flawlessly prioritizes and addresses work orders—whether from guests or management;
• Supervises and coordinates closely with maintenance technicians and/or vendors / contractors / volunteers;
• Assesses and minimizes risk(s);
• Makes regular safety inspections (as often as needed, but in no event less than once daily) and ensuring site safety and security;
• Identifies and develops vendor/contractor relationships, negotiates contracts and secures permits and licenses;
• Coordinates deliveries to the site;
• Selects, recommends, and maintains tools, equipment, and materials;
• Maintains adequate parts inventory and orders items as necessary (within approved budget);
• Contracts out services as needed / approved;
• Implements record-taking policies / inventory monitoring / equipment maintenance schedules / etc.;
• Develops and ensures compliance with all safety and security protocols (e.g., ensuring that there is at least one person on-site at all times);
• Inspects, at least once daily, all grounds and buildings—proactively addresses any issues that arise as a result of these inspections (leaks, running toilets, broken glass, defective lighting, downed branches, vandalism, etc.);
• Other tasks and projects as assigned by employer.

Commensurate with Experience. No-cost onsite or nearby housing offered.

About Big Bear Retreat Center
Located a 2.5-hour drive from Los Angeles, the newly-founded Big Bear Retreat Center is nestled in the ancient Juniper woodlands of the San Bernardino Mountains at a 7,000-foot elevation (four mountain seasons) near the town of Big Bear, California. With an emphasis on inclusion and accessibility, the 63-acre property is primarily utilized to host residential silent meditation retreats for people of all faiths and walks of life; and consists of eleven buildings—including a commercial kitchen. It contains a network of internal private roads and is serviced by municipal utilities.

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