Eve Ekman and Ryan Redman CEB Weekend Retreat Big Bear Retreat Center
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  • $200.00 – Subsidised
  • $300.00 Minimum – Generosity: if you would like to donate more to support this retreat this goes towards the organizers (BBRC and CEB)

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[ONLINE] Exploring Emotional Balance

April 11 - 14, 2024

**Registration for online spots is now CLOSED. Contact guestservices@bigbearretreatcenter.org for more or to inquire about a last minute spot.**

Weekend Retreat
[Hybrid Retreat: In-person + Online Options]

Thursday, April 11th – Sunday, April 14th
Registration for the online retreat closes April 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

This retreat is offered in-person and online. To visit and register for the on-land interactive retreat, visit here.

About the Online Retreat

This retreat is offered as a hybrid retreat, online and in person. The online community can expect an interactive online experience with the in person participants and trainers. Sessions will be offered and streamed live. All are asked to attend the morning sessions, there will be opportunities to receive the recordings during the retreat in case any sessions are missed, particularly for those in the European timezones (i.e. afternoon/evening sessions).


Science can tell us a lot about our emotions, but does this knowledge really help us when we’re in the midst of an argument with a loved one or feeling deep loneliness? Knowing is one thing, but really understanding ourselves from the inside is another.

“Cultivating Emotional Balance” provides exercises and practices that help us see and understand our emotions in a completely new way. CEB is an elegant blend of contemporary emotion science and contemplative mind training based in Tibetan Buddhism. This unique training provided participants with a practical and transformative understanding of their emotional life.

In this weekend retreat, we will focus on two emotions many of us struggle to deal with; anger and all its many forms, annoyance to rage; and sadness ranging from disappointment to agony.  We will use an emotion episode timeline to identify brief but powerful ingredients; the trigger that catalyzes the cascade, our felt experience of emotion in the body and mind. As well as the ways we respond externally and internally. This process can the reveal the common and old stories that color our perspective, where we hold emotions in the body, and habits of avoidance and we will explore much more. To do this meaningful exploration, we call on the ancient practices of Compassion and Equanimity, which offer exquisite antidotes to some of the hardest feelings and reveals parts of our emotional lives. Please join use for this powerful weekend of transformation.

During the class we will explore:

  • Periods of sustained meditation and silent practice
  • Guidance toward your overarching goals for living meaningfully
  • Techniques for developing attention skills and discerning mindfulness
  • Small group and personal reflective work mapping emotion episodes of anger and
  • sadness
  • Learning how to move from destructive reactivity to supportive response to our emotions with awareness

Note: This is a hybrid course with in person and live, online options available.

About Cultivating Emotional Balance

CEB was inspired by His Holiness the Dali Lama, and developed with eminent psychologist Dr Paul Ekman, Tibetan Teacher Lama Alan Wallace and second generation emotion teacher Dr Eve Ekman. Using insights and methods drawn from both Western psychology and Tibetan Buddhist contemplative practices, CEB asks us to investigate our inner life in order to improve out outer life and build emotional awareness, intelligence and resilience.

This class is taught by emotional researcher, meditation teacher and senior CEB teacher Dr. Eve Ekman and Ryan Redman, CEB Senior teacher, meditation teacher and Founder of Flourish Foundation.

Learn more about CEB


Give it a try! Eve offers a sample exercise from the program, the Handshake Practice:


*retreat fees include Teacher compensation, plus online access to the live retreat. 

Full: $300

Subsidized: $200

Fixed Income: $150

*Opportunities to donate more towards the registration fees of this retreat


Retreat Schedule

  • A: Emotion Awareness Workshop:

    • 6:30am Early sit before breakfast

      9am-12pm PDT via zoom with powerpoint instruction, small group breakouts and discussion in real time.

  • B: Contemplative Practice and Meditation:

    • 2-5pm PDT via zoom with clear guided practice and instruction on contemplative themes. This can be used as audio only to promote introspection and will be recorded

    • 6:30pm Evening sit, reflection after dinner
  • schedule subject to change

For any questions please contact guestservices@bigbearretreatcenter.org or visit our website bigbearretreatcenter.org

Cancellation Policy: Please visit our website for more on the cancellation policy for this retreat- bigbearretreatcenter.org/cancellation-policy

  • Online Retreat Cancellation Fee Schedule:
    • > 48 hours   20%
    • < 48 hours   No Refunds
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