• Single Room, Private Bathroom – $1,500.00
  • Single Room, Shared Bathroom – $1,350.00

Date & Time Details: Checkin: 2pm to 4pm arrival day Checkout: 12pm departure day

Location: Big Bear Retreat Center

Address: 1000 Sugarpine Road, Big Bear, CA, USA

Big Bear Retreat Center

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Groundwork Masterclass: End the overwhelm and reclaim the wonder of being alive

With Amrita Ahuja

September 14 - 17, 2023

Join us for this immersive workshop retreat experience led by Amrita of Groundwork

big bear retreat center meditation cabin

It is increasingly difficult to get things done. The world is filled with distractions that drain our energy and prevent us from doing what matters most. 

Many of us are looking for a way out of the vicious cycles that perpetuate our stress, overwhelm and worry – but even tools that are supposed to help us are adding to the problem.

We need a new approach to get things done. A way that is connected and conscious. 

This Groundwork Masterclass will get you out of survival mode and help you renew your focus. Break away from living in a constant state of overwhelm so that you can shift your attention to the experience and wonder of being alive again.

“Groundwork brings awareness to our patterns, and gives us tools to make sense of this as we move from fight or flight to alive and thrive!” – Mark Rabin, Founder, Portable Electric


  1. A permanent way out of the cycles that perpetuate overwhelm.
  2. A new set of practices for cultivating peace of mind in your work and life.
  3. A complete shift into living with clarity and getting things done with ease.

Come enjoy the stillness, simplicity and charm of the mountains. Leave transformed, relieved and joyous. 

Retreat Details:

Dates: Thursday September 14 – Sunday September 17, 2023

Rates: $1,350 to 1,500 (includes single lodging, vegetarian meals and workshop)

*Option to add-on Monday September 18 for an integration day. This time will be open and unscheduled, intended for rest and nature exploration. Meals will be provided.

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“I needed help badly when I was introduced to Groundwork. I am a busy music professional interacting with hundreds of people and emails every day. All I can say is it was life changing! I now feel in control of my schedule (and my days off), and I have way less anxiety and worry. I also send everyone I work with to the training.” – Tarun Nayar, Executive Director at 5X and Global Tik Tok Star @modernbiology 



What is Groundwork?

Groundwork is a standardized system of tools and behaviors that are easy to adopt and promise to reduce the noise, chaos and overwhelm felt by people with limited time, juggling competing priorities.

People who implement groundwork report greater clarity and ease in their daily lives.

View the Program Schedule for the Retreat

For more information, meet 1-1 with Amrita.

I came to Groundwork frustrated after many years of intending to reduce my chronic overwhelm and stress: diligently trying, but never really succeeding. With Amrita, for the first time, I was able to get at the heart of what’s been driving the overwhelm. Working with Amrita is like a cocoon for metamorphosis – unlike anything I’ve experienced – completely spiritual while being completely practical, deeply joyful and non-judgmental. The process of implementing Groundwork feels like a beautiful adventure. I finally have the tools I’ve been wishing for to gain freedom from the treadmill, tame my calendar, inbox and to-do list (more than I even dreamed was possible), and center my biggest dreams and wishes, so they are truly fueling each day. I’ve spent over 3 decades in the field of transforming trauma for others. Groundwork is what I needed for me!” – Cathy Salser, Founder, A Window Between Worlds


big bear retreat center meditation cabin



The Center consists of several single-story buildings and cabins for dining, meditation and sleeping. Our residence cabins are large furnished and comfortable with 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, living rooms, a full kitchen and decks outside in nature for shared use.




The Center provides fresh, healthy vegetarian meals made with seasonal and organic ingredients to support a nourishing time in retreat. Meals begin with dinner on arrival evening through to breakfast on departure morning. The Center has refrigerators in the cabins and dining area for guests to store their own snacks – please bring any treats that might support your time here.



The Meditation Hall:

Our beautiful meditation hall is a large room that accommodates most meditation and movement retreats. We have supplies for most participants, but guests are always welcome to bring their own supplies (not required). Guests can typically expect to have access to a zabutan (large cushion), zafu (small cushion), yoga mat, blocks, a meditation chair, a blanket and a selection of other yoga and meditation props with limited supplies. If you’re unsure, please contact us or visit our welcome guide for more details.


For any questions please contact or visit our website

Cancellation Policy: Please visit our website for more on the cancellation policy for this retreat-

  • > 8 weeks   $100
  • 4-8 weeks   $175
  • 2-4 weeks   $300
  • <2 weeks    No Refunds


Amrita Ahuja
The creator of the Groundwork™ productivity framework, Amrita Ahuja has introduced ease and flow across industries – startups, enterprise, technology, health and wellness, music, social justice, creative agencies and more since 2010. Through workshops and coaching she helps expand the way we think about work, life and balance. As a serial entrepreneur, Amrita created Groundwork to get her dreams off the ground while reimagining what it means to be productive. She was recognized by Chatelaine and Profit Guide as a Rising Star in the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Canada in 2015. She is also the past Chair of the…
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